Changmin; Gender is socially constructed.

Nu har jag avslutat DBSK fanficen Snap. Författaren Mimei briljerar verkligen ibland. Här diskuterar Changmin genus med en Yunho som vägrar inse att han är kär i Jaejoong:

Yunho puts down his chopsticks. ”What’s on your mind?”

Changmin smiles. ”A lot.”

”Is this about the way I treated Jaejoong?”

”Well” Changmin leans back in his chair, then hunches forward and fixes Yunho with big clear eyes.

”Actually it’s more about masculinity. And social mores. Canonical values.”

Yunho looks at him blankly. ”Right”

Changmin pushes his hair back, tying it up in one easy gesture. ”The thing that fascinated me about high school Chemistry was how they teach you one thing and then they teach you the exception – or the new rule – which changes the fundamental knowledge you held. None of it is questionable – yet it’s a functional way of questioning.”

”Sure,” Yunho says, putting his breakfast tray to the side and sitting up, stretching all slow and graceful. ”But all I did was memorise formulas.”

”Right. So did I.”

”So what are you getting at?”

”Fundamentals. Suff we believe 100 per cent. Stuff that is functional. But not real.”

” I don’t follow.”

”Like gender. First they tell you there’s sex and then gender. Gender is socially constructed. Then it’s performative and then they tell you sex is-”

Jag misstänker att den verkliga Changmin inte funderar särskilt mycket kring genus. Läste just en intervju där han sa sig ha svårt att förstå kvinnor. Hm… men man kan ju alltid drömma. /j

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